Our Founder


Donté J. Young, Founder, Chairman and CEO
FinMarc Ventures™

Donté Young, has been the Executive Chairman of FinMarc Ventures since founding it April 2016.

A native Midwesterner, Donté has championed the power of modern day public and media relations on both a regional and international basis while leading as an innovator within the Communications sector. He has positioned FinMarc Ventures for its next generation of growth by executing a strong plan that encompasses all aspects of the entertainment, arts, celebrity and professional management sectors while operating out their agency headquarters in Dublin, Ohio. 

Prior to founding FinMarc Ventures, Donté served as President and CEO of FinMarc Group dba FinMarc Global. During his tenure, he led the company's focus on growth in the lifestyle communications sector, positioned the agency as a leading boutique communications firm in the entertainment and celebrity sectors and elevated the verbal communications brand of numerous celebrities, organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. FinMarc Global grew to become the cornerstone of the newly developed parent company, FinMarc Global was sold in the late summer of 2016.  

Prior to the development and sell of FinMarc Global, GPR:NYC was where Donté began his now decade career in the public relations and communications sector as Founder and President.  

He is involved with numerous charities and philanthropic organizations throughout the pacific west coast and the eastern seaboard as well. Donté was named one of the 'Top 300 Black Businessmen' by Who's Who of Chicago in 2008. He holds numerous certifications and is formally educated in the fields of architectural engineering, business marketing, graphic and web design, as well as real estate and finance. 

He and his body of work have been featured in numerous publications throughout New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas and the Napa and Sonoma Valley's. Donté is presently charged with developing further his newest ventures, FinMarc Creative and FinMarc Consulting both which are new subsidiaries of parent company FinMarc Ventures. 

He is a proud resident of the Dublin community and is both a self proclaimed SoulCycle enthusiast and wine and travel savant.

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